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Hot Items ON SALE! Dental X Rays Machine. 3D Printers for Dental. You may also like. Your Best Dental Equipment Online Supplier! Dental Wireless Intraoral Camera 1/4 Sony Super HAD CCD&6 Highlight LEDS Camera Features: 1. 1/4 Sony Super HAD CCD 2. High resolution, High sensitivity, High performance 3. Compact Size, Easy to use and […]

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Low speed dental handpiece. Push button 2 holes. Push button 4 holes. New Push Button Contra Angle. Classic Push Contra Angle. New wrench Contra Angle. Classic wrench Contra Angle. Classic air motor 4 holes. Classic air motor 2 holes. New air motor 2 holes. New air motor 4 holes. Inner water push set 2 hole. […]


NEW Wireless Dental Intraoral Camera auto-focus precise 4 Mega anti-fog USB PC. Wireless Dental Intraoral Camera. This dental intraoral camera is easy to use, excellent quality, have auto-focus and a large depth of field. It’s very useful for dentists toanalyze the image details automatically. The high degree of precise has guaranteed every details of the […]


You may also like. USB Wireless Dental Intraoral Camera Sony CCD 2.0 Mega Pixels MD950AUW. USB Intraoral Camera Wireless(MD950AUW). Crisp, high quality images. Simple operation and installation. Light and easy mobility. Equipped with anti-fog, non-spherical lens. Super-wide automatically adjusting-focus lens. Handpiece holder with automatic power-off function. To use wireless intraoral camera, we can capture teeth […]


New Wireless Dental Intra Oral Camera SONY CCD 2.0 Mega Pixels MD950AUW. Image sensor: 1/4 sony CCD. Image resolution: 2.0mega pixels. Photographing visual angle: 1050. Message output: USB 2.0. Channel selection: 4 channel. 1/4 SONY CCD 2.0Mega pixels keep the best image resolution. No need any cable, save images more quickly and conveniently, more than […]

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New model of 1/4 CCD high resolution intra oral camera connect 17 inch LCD screen. 17 inch LCD can freely adjust contrast, lightness and color. LCD screen plus tempered glass. With high resolution, high performance and auto focus. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED. The Front Five control buttons: freeze, save, previous image, next […]

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