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Digital Dental X-ray Film Reader with LCD Display + Wired Intraoral Camera. 1/4 CMOS 1,300,000pixels. Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED. 2 or 3 buttons control, can control previous picture, next picture, and delete picture from the cameras directly. Combines 5inch LCD monitor, X-ray reader and intra oral camera together. 5 […]


Hot Items ON SALE! Dental X Rays Machine. 3D Printers for Dental. You may also like. Your Best Dental Equipment Online Supplier! Dental Corded X-ray Film Reader M-169 with 5-inch LCD+Intraoral Camera Description. 1, 5-inch display with intraoral camera and X-ray film reader combines one. 2, high resolution, high sensitivity high illumination, high quality. 3, […]